The In2Care® Mosquito Station is made from durable recycled polypropylene (PP), which lasts several years under tropical conditions. The gauze strip on the floater needs to be replaced (using In2Mix® refill sachets) every 4-6 weeks for optimal activity. We recommend area-wide outdoor deployment, using densities of approximately 1 Station per 400 m2 (10 Stations per acre) in high risk areas with many Aedes mosquito breeding sources.

For more information on how to set-up the Station, Station placement, servicing, securing and In2Mix handling and storage, please read below, watch our Instruction videos and our User Manual.


In2Care Stations need to be filled with water (4.7 Liters or 1.25 gallons) and activated with a biocide-treated gauze strip from the refill sachet.The gauze is fitted on the floater component and needs to remain dry. We advise to first place the Station in its final position before adding the gauze-carrying floater on top of the water. The remaining powder and odour tablets from the sachet need to be added to the water. As a final step, the lid is placed on top; fixating it with a twisting movement. The green time indicator can be used to monitor time of placement and when to service.


The Stations need to be placed in shaded, vegetated areas, where mosquitoes like to breed. A solid, level underground is necessary for stable placement. Ideal locations are in corners of outdoor porches, underneath garden sinks, near shrubs, etc.

Refresh the Station with a new refill sachet every 4-6 weeks. Remove the old strip of gauze and the remaining water (if dirty), assemble the Station with fresh water and a new piece of biocide-treated gauze as described above.

Additional securing tools (ground pins or Zip-tie) can be used for firm placement on different surfaces. The lid can be secured to the bucket with Zip-tie.

The In2Mix refills can be kept for 1 year at room temperature or in an airconditioned room (73°F/23°C). To keep the refill sachets for 2 years, store them in the fridge. Always use a cooler bag in the field and in the vehicle to keep the sachet temperature below 110°F/43°C all the time (melting point larvicide). If you have sachets left after a warm day in the field, you can use them again if stored properly during transportation and overnight. Don’t worry if the shipment from your distributor arrives a little warm. Just place them in the fridge immediately, they are still effective if they remained below 110°F/43°C.

In 2022 In2Care introduces an improved design of the In2Care gauze; easier and faster application for the same price and efficacy! The endings of the new gauze contain a pole with a small ring, that can be easily attached to the floater. This design has been lab and field tested on product efficacy and ease of use by In2Care’s distributors and end users, with positive results. The In2Care gauze is the base of the product, as this is where the magic happens. The unique statically charged gauze ensures the transfer of active ingredients, via mosquitoes, to surrounding breeding sites.