In2Care InsecTech

In2Care InsecTech is a patented technology for transfering high doses of biocides to flying insects.
InsecTech coating forms the basis of In2Care’s innovative mosquito control products.
Applied on netting, the long-lasting static charged coating can bind all types of biocide powders.
Biocide particles remain safely bound on the yarn surface, fully available to the target insect.
When a mosquito makes contact, many biocide particles are transferred to her body via polarity.
With this high-dose-transfer technology, we can break insecticide resistance; killing highly resistant vectors  effectively again with WHO-approved insecticides.
In addition, InsecTech can be used as a carrier for any (new) type of bioactive for insect control.

In2Care Mosquito Trap

A multi-impact tool against mosquitoes that transmit Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Zika virus.

  • Kills (even insecticide-resistant) Aedes mosquitoes
  • Kills mosquito larvae and pupae (inside trap & in surroundings)
  • Reduces the risk of mosquito-borne virus transmission
  • Field validated & published results
  • Uses safe ingredients and is environmentally friendly

In2Care EaveTubes

A novel and resistance-breaking malaria mosquito control product developed by In2Care.

  • Easy-to-install tubes + removable netting disks
  • Blocks mosquitoes from entering the house
  • Effective against insecticide-resistant vectors
  • A safe product that protects the whole family
  • Validated in scientific field trials supported by EU FP7 & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

Recent results of the Randomized Control Trial in Ivory Coast showed that malaria case incidence was reduced by 38% on top of bednets. A community effect was also demonstrated when the  In2Care EaveTube intervention coverage was above 60%.

The In2Care Mosquito Trap

The In2Care Mosquito Trap is currently being sold to governments, pest control operators and mosquito abatement districts in >45 countries worldwide. The product is US-EPA registered (EPA reg no. 91720-1) and allowed for professional use against Aedes mosquitoes. Sales and distribution in the US and other countries in the Americas is organized via our US-based distributor Veseris: In several Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, Ensystex is the distributor for the In2Care Mosquito Trap.

The In2Care Mosquito Trap lures and contaminates Aedes mosquitoes with a special slow-killing larvicide and let them spread this to other breeding sites (which are often hard to find and treat) so that mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the trap but also in its vicinity. This is combined with a biological adulticide that kills the contaminated mosquito after a few days to prevent her from transmitting any viruses like Dengue or Zika virus. In this way, the product kills the mosquitoes and their offspring, so that populations are reduced and disease transmission risks are lowered significantly. Click to open our  detailed In2Care Mosquito Trap information factsheets  in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

The efficacy has been demonstrated by scientific studies published in Parasites & Vectors and the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (click to open).

The In2Care Mosquito Trap is made of easy to assemble and durable components, and uses water & refill sachets with EPA-registered bioactives for monthly reactivation. The product should be placed around homes, hotels, hospitals and other outdoor settings in shaded and vegetated sites where there is a lot of Aedes mosquito breeding. With high enough coverage (10 traps per acre) this product will reduce Aedes populations after 2-3 weeks by killing them and their offspring in and around the traps. The novel mode of action can complement other vector control efforts and the traps are ideal for hotspots and problem areas where insecticide use is restricted or hampered by chemical resistance.


Trap installation and monthly maintenance instructions are described in our User Manual and product videos.

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Our research

Expertise and Research focus

The In2Care team comprises seasoned business professionals with experience in product and business development, and academic experts with expertise in scientific insect research and vector control in Africa.


In2Care collaborates with scientific institutes and universities all over the world towards the goal of reducing the burden of insect-transmitted diseases.

Scientific publications

Several publications of In2Care’s scientists and collaborative partners have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. You can download them here