In2Care Mosquito traps are currently approved and registered as a mosquito control tool in 45 countries worldwide, as indicated in the maps below. In2Care Mosquito Traps are US-EPA registered (EPA reg. no. 91720-1) and allowed for professional use against Aedes mosquitoes. See below the States were we are registered.

Registrations WorldWide


State Registrations USA


North America           United States

Central America        Costa Rica

Central America        Guatemala

South America           Brazil

South America           El Salvador

South America           Guyana

South America           Suriname

South America           Uruguay

Caribbean                   Antigua and Barbuda

Caribbean                   Aruba

Caribbean                   Bahamas

Caribbean                   Barbados

Caribbean                   Bonaire

Caribbean                   Britisch Virgin Islands

Caribbean                   Cayman Islands

Caribbean                   Curacao

Caribbean                   Dominica

Caribbean                   Dominican Republic

Caribbean                   Grenada

Caribbean                   Haiti

Caribbean                   Jamaica

Caribbean                   Puerto Rico

Caribbean                   Saba

Caribbean                   Saint-Lucia

Caribbean                   St-Maarten

Caribbean                   St- Eustatius

Caribbean                   Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Caribbean                   Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean                   Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

Caribbean                   Us Virgin Islands

Middle East                Saudi Arabia

SE Asia                        Thailand

SE Asia                        Singapore

SE Asia                        Hong Kong

SE Asia                        Myanmar

SE Asia                        Cambodia

SE Asia                        Laos

Oceania                       Papua New Guinea

Oceania                       New Zealand

Oceania                       Fiji

Oceania                       French Polynesia

Oceania                       Tonga

Oceania                       American Samoa

Oceania                       Samoa

Oceania                       New Caledonia 


South America           Nicaragua

South America           Honduras

South America           Peru

SE Asia                        Philippines

Central America        Belize

Central America        Mexico

Central America        Panama

South America           Argentina

South America           Bolivia

South America           Chile

South America           Colombia

South America           Peru

Africa                           Madagaskar

Africa                           Tanzania

Africa                           Kenya

Africa                           Uganda

Middle East                Oman

Middle East                UEA

Asia                             China

South Asia                 Sri Lanka

South Asia                 India

SE Asia                       Malaysia

SE Asia                       Indonesia

SE Asia                       Vietnam

Oceania                    Solomon Islands

Europe                      France

Europe                      Italy

Europe                      Turkey

Europe                      Serbia

Europe                      Romania

Europe                      Portugal

Europe                      Spain

Europe                      Croatia


AL: Alabama

AR: Arkansas

AZ: Arizona

CA: California

CO: Colorado

CT: Connecticut

DC: Washington DC

DE: Delaware

FL: Florida

GA: Georgia

HI: Hawaii

IA: Iowa

IL: Illinois

IN: Indiana

KS: Kansas

KY: Kentucky

LA: Louisiana

MA: Massachusetts

MD: Maryland

ME: Maine

MI: Michigan

MN: Minnesota

MS: Mississippi

MO: Missouri

NC: North Carolina

NE: Nebraska

NH: New Hampshire

NJ: New Jersey

NY: New York

NV: Nevada

NM: New Mexico

OH: Ohio

OK: Oklahoma

OR: Oregon

PA: Pennsylvania

SC: South Carolina

RI: Rhode Island

TN: Tennessee

TX: Texas

UT: Utah

VA: Virginia

VT: Vermont

WA: Washington

WI: Wisconsin

WV: West Virginia

The In2Care Msoquito trap is not registered in the following 6 states. According to the CDC vector map no Aedes mosquitoes are present in these 6 states. 

AK: Alaska

ID: Idaho

MT: Montana

ND: North Dakota

SD: South Dakota

WY: Wyoming

Registration processes in other regions is ongoing. Distribution of In2Care traps in Asia (via Ensystex) has started in Singapore, Thailand, Laos, and Hong Kong, and will expand to several other countries including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia as soon as biocide registrations have been achieved.

Please note that we do not sell our products in Europe yet, as the registration processes for this region will require more time (several years).