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The In2Care Mosquito Stations are not available as retail product as they are designed and registered for professional use. Learn more about the In2Care Mosquito Station, how it works and how to find a professional in your area.

“Since I’ve gotten the buckets, it has been a drastic change. I’m constantly checking for standing water and mosquito breeding sites but I live in between 5 different neighbors who are not as diligent as I am. I had the yard sprayed for several years and it did nothing. Me and my dogs would get eaten alive as soon as we walked out the door. This is the first year in about 5 years that I have seen a significant decrease in mosquitos where I can actually enjoy my yard again. It’s truly amazing and I’m so thankful!!!”
Leslie Ors

Sugar Hill, Georgia

“My wife and I live in a private home in the City of Austin surrounded by lush vegetation. We have a rather large koi pond with 16 large koi plus we have two dogs that love to play outside.  Since our pest control company started using In2Care we can finally enjoy our back deck without being attacked by mosquitos.  We are also pleased to know that In2Care is safe around our grandchildren, dogs, and koi fish.
Lee B Green

Austin, Texas

“We have weighed all pros and cons of various mosquito control options in terms of cost, effectiveness and environment. In2Care came out as best and with guaranteed results. In2Care is a pet-friendly canister that combines research and design to combat the insecticide-resistant Aedes mosquitoes.
Nancy Funk, Christ Church Day School

Coronado, California

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Professional servicing by Pest Management companies is needed for the employment of the In2Care Mosquito Station. Please leave your contact information so we can help you finding a professional in your country. 

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