Scientific publications

In2Care’s Publications

  • Knols et al. (2016) Eave tubes for malaria control in Africa: an introduction. Malaria Journal. Dowload here
  • Sternberg et al. (2016) Eave tubes for malaria control in Africa: initial development and semi-field evaluations in Tanzania. Malaria Journal. Dowload here
  • Andriessen et al. (2015) Electrostatic coating enhances bioavailability of insecticides and breaks pyrethroid resistance in mosquitoes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. Download here
  • Snetselaar et al. (2014) Development and evaluation of a novel contamination device that targets multiple life-stages of Aedes aegypti. Parasites & Vectors. Download here

MCD Project partner Publications

  • Waite et al. (2016) Eave tubes for malaria control in Africa: a modelling assessment of potential impact on transmission. Malaria Journal. Download here
  • Heinig & Thomas (2015) Interactions between a fungal entomopathogen and malaria parasites within a mosquito vector. Malaria Journal. Download here
  • Obermayr et al. (2015) Evaluation of a Push-Pull Approach for Aedes aegypti (L.) Using a Novel Dispensing System for Spatial Repellents in the Laboratory and in a Semi-Field Environment. PLoS ONE. Download here
  • Sternberg et al. (2014) Evaluating the efficacy of biological and conventional insecticides with the new ‘MCD bottle’ bioassay. Malaria Journal. Download here
  • Sternberg et al. (2014) Local adaptation to temperature and the implications for vector-borne diseases. Trends in Parasitology

Key publications scientists In2Care

  • Farenhorst M et al (2011) Development of fungal applications on netting substrates for malaria vector control. J. Med. Entomol.      
  • Farenhorst M et al (2010) Synergy in efficacy of fungal entomopathogens and permethrin against West African insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. PLoS ONE. Download here
  • Farenhorst & Knols (2010) A novel method for standardized application of fungal spore coatings for mosquito exposure bioassays. Malaria Journal. Download here 
  • Knols et al (2010) Editorial: Entomopathogenic fungi as the next generation control agents against malaria mosquitoes. Future Microbiol. Download here
  • Farenhorst et al (2009) Fungal infection counters insecticide resistance in African malaria mosquitoes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. Download here
  • Takken & Knols (2009) Malaria vector control: Current and future strategies. Trends in Parasitology
  • Scholte, Ng’habi, Kihonda, Takken, Paaijmans, Abdulla, Killeen & Knols (2005) An Entomopathogenic Fungus for Control of Adult African Malaria Mosquitoes. Science
  • Scott, Takken, Knols, & Boete (2002) The ecology of genetically modified mosquitoes. Science
  • Takken & Knols (1999) Odor-mediated behavior of Afrotropical malaria mosquitoes. Annual review of entomology