Eave Tubes: Protecting households against malaria mosquitoes

In2Care Eave Tubes for malaria are a game-changing household protection product, leveraging the natural route of mosquitoes to enter houses at night through ventilation gaps under house eaves. The wall-inserted ventilation tubes deploy removable gauze inserts treated with special mosquito-killing actives. By using Eave Tubes, malaria mosquitoes are blocked from entering, which protects the entire household. Malaria transmission is prevented by using the In2Care patented charged netting technology, which effectively kills even insecticide-resistant mosquitoes.

  • Household protection product
  • Easy-to-install tubes + removable gauze inserts
  • Blocks insects from entering the house
  • Kills (insecticide-resistant) mosquitoes
  • Protects the whole family
  • Suitable for majority of African house styles


In2Care is currently executing a large roll out of Eave tubes in Ivory Coast, as part of an extensive epidemiological field trial funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In total, 3,022 households in 20 villages have received Eave Tubes and window screening early 2017. This was achieved with local trained workers and customized low-cost installation tools designed by In2Care. Eave Tube netting inserts are treated with (WHO-approved) mosquito-killing insecticides, and the impact on malaria transmission will be measured by the project scientists during the next 2 years.

In collaboration with the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) Tanzania and our local research partner the Ifakara Health Institute, In2Care is also undertaking a large-scale field evaluation of Eave Tubes in Tanzania. In total, 1,500 houses in the Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions have received In2Care’s new malaria intervention product. The local research team is assessing social acceptance and entomological impacts. In2Care is working on exploring business models for scaling this intervention and making the product available and affordable for the local communities. For more information: watch this video.


One-off installment needed and cheap inserts for re-treatment. No need for electricity.


Protects the entire household and effectively kills even insecticide-resistant mosquitoes


Uses small amounts of safe insecticides beyond the reach of house occupants.

Novel design

Eave tubes deploy robust netting inserts designed to fit in standard 6-inch PVC tubes. Inserts are made from strong, yet flexible plastic material and can be mass-produced via injection-moulding. Their design enables easy handling and placement of inserts into the wall tubes from the outside of the house.

Eave tube pipe single_2Eave tube pipe stack 10_2


Eave tube netting uses innovative electrostatic coating technology to bind insecticides and transfer high doses to mosquitoes that make contact with the gauze. We showed that this is very effective against all mosquito species, even the ones that have become highly resistant to chemical insecticides. Eave tubes can therefore provide a resistance breaking tool against malaria vectors.