Eave Tubes: Protecting households against malaria mosquitoes

Mosquito resistance to insecticides threatens to undermine progress in the fight against malaria. There is an urgent need for new and complementing vector control tools to eliminate the disease that still kills almost half a million people per year.

In2Care EaveTubes were designed to passively funnel human-scented air to lure anophelines. The product uses In2Care’s patented static netting inserts that break mosquito resistance by transferring lethal doses of public health insecticides.

This new “Lethal House Lure” product has been validated in 3 African countries and is under evaluation by WHO. 

Watch our 3D animation video to learn more about the unique mode of action of In2Care EaveTubes



One-off Tube installment & low-cost mass-produced inserts that can be recycled


Protects the entire household and effectively kills even insecticide-resistant mosquitoes


Uses small amounts of safe insecticides beyond the reach of house occupants.

Novel design

Eave tubes deploy robust netting inserts designed to fit in standard 6-inch PVC tubes. Inserts are made from strong, yet flexible plastic material and can be mass-produced via injection-moulding. Their design enables easy handling and placement of inserts into the wall tubes from the outside of the house.



Eave tube netting uses In2Care’s patented innovative electrostatic coating technology to bind insecticides and transfer high doses to mosquitoes that make contact with the gauze. We showed that this is very effective against all mosquito species, even the ones that have become highly resistant to chemical insecticides. Eave tubes can therefore provide a resistance breaking tool against malaria vectors.