In2Care | Innovative Insect Control and Application Research
Because we are into care
We develop, re-engineer and validate products against disease transmitting insects.

This 11th of March, In2Care has celebrated her third anniversary. After three years we can look back at major accomplishments, including the launch of the In2Care Mosquito Trap, an UBS Innovation grant and being the coordinator of an EU-FP7 project (2012-2015). Since the founding of the company, the In2Care team has grown from 3 to 8 persons, with expertise in various fields.

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MCD project (2012-2015)

Our consortium will focus on the integration of four novel control components in a low-tech (no power source, no need for CO2) and cheap mosquito contamination device (MCD) that will

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Target insects

We will try to provide a large overview of the various insects and the diseases they are transmitting. We have subdivided the insects in:

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Here you will find an overview of the latest news concerning the activities of In2Care.

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