The In2Care Mosquito Trap is US-EPA approved and registered in >45 countries worldwide. We collaborate with licensed and experienced pest control product distributors who sell In2Care Traps to governments, pest management professionals and mosquito abatement districts to help fight Aedes-borne diseases.

For more sales information and contact details of an In2Care distributor in your region, please contact us via email: info @ (remove spaces).

For sales in the USA

In the USA, In2Care Mosquito Traps are distributed exclusively by Veseris.

Pest Management Professional?

Contact Veseris for purchase of the In2Care Mosquito Traps in the USA.

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or call toll-free 800-888-4897

Are you a homeowner?

Professional servicing by Pest Management companies is needed for the employment of the In2Care Mosquito Trap. Veseris can assist you to find Pest Control experts in your area. Call toll-free 800-888-4897.

Or search for In2Care Certified Pest Management Companies in your area from the map below.

Search for In2Care Certified Pest Management Companies in the USA on the map below. Enter your State, City, or Zipcode in the search bar in the top right corner to quickly search in your area.

The will map will be updated every month and only includes professional companies that completed the Veseris stewardship and include In2Care Traps in their mosquito control service offers. If there is no company available in your area, please contact us directly.

Please note: The last update of the map was on 17-05-2021. Due to change in the system, the next update will most likely be done in August 2021.