Marius de Waard is an entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Business Economics and expertise in corporate strategy and business development, distribution channel development and product innovation. Marius has extensive market development experience in healthcare products, telecoms and technology businesses. He has held a number of senior operational leadership roles in KPN’s international businesses in Singapore, Belgium, Sweden and Hungary. He is managing partner of the management consultancy firm iLanza and has worked with clients such as Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Cognitive Security, Intel Corporation and AeroTel. As Director of In2Care, Marius focuses on business development strategies and product marketing and sales.

Marit Farenhorst (1983) is a biologist with a PhD in Medical Entomology from the Wageningen University (2010) the Netherlands. As medical entomologist. Marit specialized in biological mosquito control and product developments. Her pioneering research on the use of entomopathogenic fungi against insecticide-resistant mosquito vectors in Kenya, South Africa and Benin, resulted in several academic publications (including PNAS). She has managed several large multinational research projects. Within In2Care, Marit is Director and leads the Research & Development activities of In2Care’s mosquito control innovations.

Anne Osinga (1969) is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the field of mass produced products aiming for social impact. Anne is a Product Engineer who focuses on the development of products and production processes in the health, safety and educational sector. He is founder and shareholder of multiple companies, including Simlogic; his own development company that holds more than 15 product patents, Intivation; an innovation company that develops efficient solar-powered products such as portable lights and phones, Global Solar Vision; a company specialized in production of solar-powered road markers, and MimiMoto; a company that develops efficient and affordable biomass cooking stoves to make cooking more healthy in emerging markets. Within In2Care, Anne is the driving force of product developments and manufacturing, and utilizes his knowledge and network of specialized technicians and product designers to create affordable and quality-controlled products ready for mass production.

Peter van Halteren (1961) is an Assistant Controller and worked from 1984 till 2016 at the ING Bank. At first Peter worked at different Financial Accounting Departments through The Netherlands. From 2006 till 2016 he worked as Controller on Management Accounting Departments at the Headquarters in Amsterdam. In 2017 Peter started as Finance & Control Officer at In2Care and is besides Finance responsible for Operational activities.

Harmke Klunder (1985) is a business development specialist with a Master degree in Food Technology and Safety from the Wageningen University the Netherlands. Harmke is a pioneer in the field of entomophagy and has written several publications including a FAO report (2013) which has been translated in 5 languages and downloaded over 7 million times. She has extensive work experience as Project Manager and Product Development Manager at large international companies in the field of innovative food, feed and entomological products. Within In2Care Harmke will be responsible for the further development of product registrations, product marketing and international sales and business development.

Ted Worster has over 35 years of experience in the Pest Control industry. He started his career working for US County vector control districts, and became a licensed Pest Control Applicator and Trainer. From 1983 to 2017, Ted worked for Univar (formerly Van Waters and Rogers) and through his position as International Sales and Marketing Manager he gained much respect and a broad network in the US and global Pest Control industry. Ted joined the In2Care team as Sales Director Americas and is responsible for product sales and distribution in that region.

Tim Möhlmann has a PhD in Medical Entomology. Through his research at the Wageningen University, Tim specialized in the vector biology and control of biting midges and mosquitoes. He spearheaded important research that showed the influence of digestive bacteria on the capacity of midges and mosquitoes to transmit dangerous disease pathogens. Tim is also an experienced speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for ants and other social insects. At In2Care, Tim will work on product sales and operational support in the Asia-Pacific region. He will use his skills to aid all field trials and public health programs with In2Care Mosquito Traps.

Tessa van Dijk has a Master’s degree in Biology, specialized in Medical Entomology, from the Wageningen University. She loves to work on the interface of science and business, so she can have an impact on global health. Tessa has experience in working as researcher and quality manager in a rapid growing scale-up, in the innovative entomophagy business. As researcher she collaborated in multiple (inter)national research projects. Tessa is a flexible, curious and social person, who has good organizational and problem-solving skills. At In2Care, Tessa will work in the role as international product manager, in which she will support product sales, operations, field trials and registration, for both In2Care Mosquito Traps and EaveTubes.

Muhammad Muktader Rashid Bhuiyan has completed his master’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Environmental Toxicology from Wageningen University and Research. He has experience in the field of Environmental Risk Assessment and Ecotoxicology. His bachelor’s in agriculture has offered him good knowledge of Entomology. He enjoys combining both knowledge sides for problem-solving. Muktader bears an adventurer, enthusiastic and societal personality. Muktader is responsible for registering and maintaining the ongoing registration process of the In2Care Mosquito Traps and EaveTubes in different countries. He works together with R&D and product management colleagues to update studies in coordination with the ongoing regulatory policies.