Expertise and Research focus


In2Care has a vast scientific network, including connections with universities and research institutes in developed and developing countries, and close access to the latest scientific knowledge on insect/mosquito control. Additionally, In2Care has in-house knowlegde on product engineering and an extensive industrial network through which it can execute product-oriented R&D and develop truly innovative, high-quality and marketable end products.

The In2Care team has more than 10 years of experience in product and business development and more than 30 years of experience in scientific research in the field of medical entomology, of which 12 years of work in developing countries, notably in sub-Saharan Africa. In2Care’s principal researchers have a background in mosquito olfaction, behaviour and biological control research and more than 10 year of work experience in large-scale multi-partner international research projects (NIH, UN, BMGF) and their financial management. In our midst we have an experienced entrepreneur with a vast industrial and business network that aids In2Care’s development, engineering and production processes.

Research focus

We develop innovative products that solve insect control problems and provide superior benefits to customers. Our R&D bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and practice. We target the full range of the product development chain: idea à product à marketing. This includes research and development of novel ideas, re-engineering of promising discoveries/developments and the validation of insect control tools and products already on or close to the market against the target insects.

In2Care’s current focus is to develop innovative, low-tech products that are practical and efficient against mosquitoes in resource-poor settings of disease-endemic countries. In2Care caters for a unique market niche by focusing on non-insecticide based (green), low-tech and low-cost innovations. For the disease control market these can fulfil the new and growing need as additional tools (next to bednets and chemical sprays) against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. For the consumer market, In2Care’s products can compete in terms of high quality (validated against target insects) as well as user- and environment-friendliness.

We currently have five mosquito control innovations in our product portfolio, which focus on malaria and Dengue mosquito control. They are based on new attractant innovations (to effectively detect and/or lure mosquitoes) and novel control agents (biological agents to which mosquitoes are not resistant, and/or agents that can be dispersed by the mosquito itself to spread the control impact).